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As an indoor grower, taking measurements and tracking data is key to success. Which is why grow room sensors are crucial pieces of equipment.


Whether you’re a professional grower or just grow for fun, if you want to grow the best plants, you know you need to keep on top of many, important, individual elements.


It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to craft the ideal environment for your plants. Doing this manually is particularly difficult and time consuming..


Especially if you want to measure and maintain ideal temperatures, humidities, VPD, light intensity and CO2 levels etc to ensure the healthiest plants and best final product.


This is where grow room sensors shine! Good grow sensors remove the guesswork from fine tuning your grow environment.


They take measurements and provide you with the real time data that you need to see what’s working well for you, where you can improve and how.


But there’s another hoop to jump through before you can get to feeling those benefits! First you’ve got to find the sensor that’s right for you.


And so down the rabbit hole you go! Researching and comparing grow sensors is a long and tedious task…


  • Which sensors measure what?
  • What sensors are available where you are?
  • Is this particular sensor battery powered?
  • How does this sensor connect?
  • What devices is this sensor compatible with?


The research could go on and on, it might take you weeks to make a decision.


But it doesn’t have to be that way… Because we’ve done the research for you already! Drumroll please for our FREE best grow room sensors comparison chart!


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The best grow room sensors comparison chart.


We looked at a lot of factors when compiling this chart of grow room sensors.


The list is specifically designed to show stand alone sensors.


We’ve not extended the list to include devices that are designed for grow room control, environmental control or automated systems.


The information you’ll find within the chart for each featured sensor includes:


  • The product name and a link to the website.
  • What the manufacturer says about the product.
  • Where the sensor is available (so you can watch out for pesky import fees!)
  • The price of the sensor.
  • Whether there’s any ongoing subscription costs.
  • The target audience that the sensor is created for.
  • Whether it measures: temperature, humidity, VPD, dew point, light intensity, light spectrum, CO2 and pressure.
  • Whether the sensor generates a heatmap view.
  • If the sensor can link up with other sensors.
  • Whether the sensor is battery powered.
  • How the sensor connects. Wi-Fi, bluetooth or proprietary tree mesh network.
  • Information on compatibility.
  • And a section for extra notes.


The grow room sensors comparison chart is an evolving document.


We’re always looking for new and upcoming grow room sensors to add to our comparison chart.

We’ll be updating it as new sensors come out, but if you want to nominate a sensor to be added to the list, drop us a message on Instagram or email us on ✌️


Our mission.


Indoor growing is becoming more and more popular.


We want to create products that make indoor growing more efficient and sustainable to minimise environmental harm, whilst also improving plant health and yields.


Part of the process is researching and evaluating currently available and newly released grow room sensors.


We do this to:


  • Discover how they work.
  • How accurate they are.
  • What their user interface is like.
  • How easy they are to use.
  • How they’re currently solving problems for indoor growers.
  • And what could be improved.


Which brings us onto…


Reviewing grow room sensors.


As part of the process of developing our Grow Sensor & accompanying Grow App, we will be reviewing the grow room sensors from our comparison chart to give you even more clarity about what grow room monitor might best suit your needs.


We have a number of the sensors in our testing area at the moment, and soon, we hope to document our reviews of these grow room monitors for you.


We’re always looking for new grow room sensors to review, so if there’s one we’ve missed from the list, or even if there’s just one you particularly want to know about sooner, let us know!


The Grow App showing data pulled in from The Grow Sensor




Certain aspects of growing indoors can be tricky, time consuming and take up a lot of brain space. But that needn’t be the case.


Grow room sensors are the ideal tool for every grower, because they empower you to level up your growing skills. For more information checkout this post: What is a grow room sensor & why do I need one?


It’s really important to choose a grow sensor that meets your own specific needs as a grower.


That in itself can be hard, but we really hope our comparison sheet saves you hours of research and stress by giving you a great starting point! 😀


Growing indoors is both an art and a science, but more than that, it should be fun!


With the Grow Sensor, you can get the detailed, actionable data and insights that you need, to learn and grow better plants with each and every grow cycle. ✌



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