The smart agri-sensor

For greenhouse & indoor growers.

Monitor your grow spaces with the Grow Sensor. Access growing environment and soil data anywhere, anytime.

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    Perfect your growing environment.

    • Improve quality, quantity & consistency.
    • Identify & manage microclimates.
    • Minimise waste & pest problems.
    • Save costs, ensure ROI & profitability.

    Innovative, reliable hardware.

    • For greenhouse, tunnels & indoors.
    • Precision wireless sensor equipment.
    • Designed for unbeatable accuracy.
    • Fast installation & robust connectivity.

    User friendly, insightful software.

    • Monitor your environments, anywhere.
    • Intuitive Apple, Android & desktop app.
    • Metrics that matter for ultimate control.
    • Actionable insight direct to your device.


    Mitigate risks & ensure return on investment.

    Indoor farming, greenhouse and tunnel growing is complicated and costly. The Grow Sensor monitors your growing environment 24/7 giving you the insight to act fast, reduce running costs & optimise operations to grow the best product.



    Grow smarter for peace of mind.

    Measure temperature, humidity, VPD, CO2, light intensity (PPF), soil temperature, moisture, nutrient levels & EC round the clock to help you grow smarter. Reduce nutrient waste and stress levels. Never lose a crop again.


    Remotely monitor your environment.

    Access data on the go with the free Apple, Android & desktop Grow App. Optimise labour costs & remove the need for repeated spot checking of problem areas. Add multiple growing staff into your account to share the responsibility.


    Scalability as your business grows.

    Compatible with Wi-Fi routers. Easy setup via Bluetooth. Control up to 50 sensors at once & link multiple wireless Grow Sensors & soil probes together in large growing environments. Add more sensors when you need them without large infrastructure expenses.

    The smart agri-sensor for greenhouse & indoor growers.

    Crafted from the best components & built to last. With low power consumption and a long battery life, the Grow Sensor supplies super high accuracy sensors for reliable and stable data collection.

    The Grow Sensor grow room monitor

    Top FEATURES (tbc)

    Grow Sensor features.

    The smart environment monitor.

    Feature rich yet easy to use, with customisable limits and alerts that can be effortlessly tailored to a variety of environments and plant growth cycles.

    CO2 sensor

    The highest resolution sensor available today.

    Humidity sensor

    Monitor the humidity of your environments, live.


    Monitor environmental temperatures live.

    Light sensor

    Measure PPFD/PAR & analyse your light spectrum.

    Measure VPD

    Stay in that VPD sweet spot, grow the best product.

    Link up sensors

    ...In the same environment for a detailed picture of your growing space.

    Long battery life

    Lithium iron batteries that last for 1 year+.


    2,4Ghz with a 100m+ range.

    Water resistant

    Designed for indoor, greenhouse & tunnel use.

    Offline data

    Your data is safe if your internet connection fails.

    High accuracy

    Highly accurate, responsive sensors with adjustable defaults.

    Easy setup

    Setup Grow Sensor on your network in just 2 minutes.

    Smart soil moisture, temperature & EC sensor.

    Market leading, durable, easy to use, high accuracy soil sensor that pairs seamlessly with the Grow Sensor. Get a complete picture of your whole growing environment to increase efficiency and inform decision making.

    Top FEATURES (tbc)

    Soil probe features.

    The smart environment monitor.

    Advanced soil moisture, temperature & electrical conductivity sensing, paired with the Grow Sensor to deliver complete clarity over your environmental conditions.

    Substrate EC

    Track fertiliser movement with accurate EC values.

    Soil Moisture

    Determine dry back. Inform smart watering schedules.

    Soil temperature

    Monitor soil temperatures. Control plant growth rates.

    High accuracy

    Maximise accuracy, minimise sensor-to-sensor variability.

    5 year guarantee

    Rugged, hard wearing, dependable, long life sensor.

    No deterioration

    Sharp stainless steel needles that are resistant to salts.

    Low power use

    Ensures high resolution, precision data for longer.

    Simple set up

    Super simple, fast setup & medium specific calibration.

    Sensor pairing

    For crop steering. Save on nutrient & labour costs.

    The Grow App. Access to your growing environment, anytime.

    Optimise your growing environment using CO2, VPD and substrate data. Identify problem areas and fix them fast with AI feedback. Save electricity, nutrients and labour costs.

    Top FEATURES (tbc)

    Grow App features.

    Available for Apple, Android & desktop. Optimise your growing environment, avoid microclimates, reduce waste & increase yields. Access your environment anywhere, anytime.

    Realtime data

    Monitor environmental data in realtime.

    Custom alerts

    Get custom SMS and push notifications.

    Encrypted data

    Always keeping your data secure and safe.

    Download App free

    For your apple, android or desktop device.

    AI feedback

    Reduce running costs and improve ROI.

    Heat maps

    Uncover problem areas in your environment fast!

    Multiple users

    Add multiple members of staff into your account.


    Get key stats from your business dashboard 24/7.

    Great support

    Is a top priority, we're always here for you.

    Road map

    Get new features & updates every month.

    Dew point

    No moisture problems ever again.

    Business API

    Develop your own solutions.

    Get help (Help Center)


    Is your sensor actually accurate?

    The short answer is that it has to be or we won’t launch the product. Over the last year, the price of sensors has reduced and the tech advanced dramatically, but this doesn’t mean all the sensors you can buy today are accurate. Testing is key and currently, we are testing a large range of sensors thoroughly for a range of situations and uses. Do accurate sensor components exist now? Yes! But some are more expensive than others. Our approach is to focus on the sensors that work so you can rely on the data, always. Data first, features second. Aside from the sensors, we are working extensively on creating a passively aerated case that allows for consistent and instant air movement for fast and accurate feedback from the immediate environment. Additionally, we will be sending the units for strict independent testing to confirm this. We will make all test results public. Our team consists of professionals and perfectionists. If it isn’t reliable, it’s not for sale. We are not here to release another cheap, inaccurate IoT sensor that promises the world but just gathers inaccurate data that can't be trusted or acted upon. If you have any specific questions reach out to us at

    What's in the box?

    This depends on whether you purchase the Grow Sensor by itself, or in conjunction with the soil sensor and how many units you purchase. If you choose the Grow Sensor & accompanying Soil sensor for crop steering, you'll get the Grow Sensor & soil sensor, a USB charging cable and our quick connect operating manual. (All neatly packaged in a box made from recycled cardboard to reduce our carbon footprint.)

    Where is the Grow Sensor made?

    We are still in the process of finalising manufacturers, but we plan for the Grow Sensor to be made in the UK.

    Will you ship outside Europe?

    Yes! The Grow Sensor will ship worldwide (subject to local/import taxes.) We are already in discussions with distributors in Europe and the US.

    When will the Grow Sensor be available?

    We hope to ship our first Grow Sensors in the 1st quarter 2022. Click any button on the site to join the waiting list and get notified of exciting developments!)

    Does the Grow Sensor have a warranty?

    Yes the Grow Sensor has a best in class 18 months warranty covering any manufacturing defects and or hardware failures. What's not covered under warranty: accidental damage or unauthorised modifications.

    Does the Grow Sensor have a guarantee?

    It sure does! If you're not 100% happy with your Grow Sensor you can return it to us within 60 days for a full refund (excluding shipping costs.) Just make sure to send it back in it's original packaging with proof of purchase.

    How safe is my data?

    The safety of your data is a top priority. All information is encrypted with bank level security ensuring anonymity. We believe privacy rights matter and that will never change.

    Will you have an API?

    Yes, businesses can access our API and integrate the Grow Sensor with other equipment.

    What are you working on next?

    Alongside continuous ongoing improvements to the Grow App software, next up on the roadmap is an enterprise solution, focussing on making the software the best it can be.

    Are you a new company?

    New product, yes. New company, yes, but we’re not a new team. We've been in the tech industry for 30+ years and the electrical industry for 40+. We are a team of 7 who have a proven track record making digital and physical products. We are in this for the long run.

    Can I test the Grow Sensor for free?

    You certainly can! We're currently looking for 5 businesses to help us test and refine our sensor hardware and enterprise software solutions. Business testing partners will receive 4 Grow Sensors and a soil sensor for FREE in return for working with us to help make the most useful and usable products possible for indoor, greenhouse and tunnel growers. If you would like to become a Grow Sensor testing partner & be part of a case study. Drop us an email to and we'll be in touch!

    Can I pre-order the Grow Sensor?

    If you're interested in pre-ordering now, drop us an email to: We will also add a pre-order service to our online shop in the coming weeks so check back in the future.

    Great support always

    Great support from real people.

    Great support makes a good product fantastic! Reach out to us and talk to one of the team directly. We are here to help, always!


    We believe that our products can contribute to a better world.

    With indoor growing and growing in greenhouses and tunnels increasing in popularity and practicality out of necessity, we create smart agri-products that make growing more efficient and sustainable to minimise environmental harm.

    The smart agri-sensor

    For greenhouse & indoor growers.

    Monitor your grow spaces with the Grow Sensor. Access growing environment and soil data anywhere, anytime.

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      Available March 2022. No spam.

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