Grow commercially? Be first to test our smart agri-sensor!

Do you farm commercially in greenhouses, tunnels or indoors?


If you answered yes then we’ve got an exciting opportunity for you!


The Grow Sensor is our new, smart agri-sensor, built specifically for indoor, greenhouse and tunnel growers.


It is a combination of a number of environmental atmospheric sensors plus a soil probe measuring temperature, moisture and EC.


Here’s a rundown of the key features:


1. The Grow Sensor enables businesses to monitor their grow spaces and access actionable insights about their growing environment and soil data, anywhere, any time.


2. This information facilitates improving the quality, quantity and consistency of the end product cultivated.


3. The Grow Sensor helps growers to identify and manage microclimates and solve problems, whilst minimising nutrient waste and pest problems.


4. The insights provided (via the intuitive desktop, Apple and Android apps) informs decision making and allows businesses to save costs and ensure return on investment and profitability.


5. The innovative, reliable, hardware and precision wireless sensor equipment is designed for fast installation, robust connectivity and unbeatable accuracy.


Onto the exciting opportunity… We’re now ready to begin collaborating with 5 select businesses to test our sensor hardware and enterprise software solutions!


We are looking to send the businesses that we partner with a number of sensors and a soil probe which link up together to give granular detail and deep understanding of the growing environment.


Collaboration will help us to refine and polish our solutions to develop the most useful and usable products possible for the commercial growers that we partner with.


We’re passionate about creating tools that will really maximise the efficiency of indoor and greenhouse growing whilst minimising waste and environmental harm.


If you’re interested in working closely with us to streamline your operations and increase your ROI, read on and see if you meet the criteria to become a business testing partner to test our new smart agri-sensor…


We are specifically looking for businesses that are:


  • Established UK based business that grow a product either indoors, in greenhouses, or in poly tunnels.


  • Ideally, your business would be growing a crop that is high value, fast growing and nutritionally (or energy) intensive.


  • We’d be particularly interested in testing with medical or medicinal cannabis or CBD facilities or businesses growing melons, berries, chillies, tomatoes, aubergines etc.


  • Your business could grow hydroponically (in rockwool or coco) or in soil.


We want to work with businesses that are looking to use intelligent technology to help them scale and optimise operations, (minimise waste and improve ROI.)


Does your business fit the bill?


Reach out to us on and let’s get the conversation started.


It’s such an exciting time here at Grow HQ, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Commercial UK grower?

Become a business testing partner

Test 4 Grow Sensors & a soil sensor FREE!

Scale & optimise operations

Help refine our sensor hardware & software solutions.
To create the most useful & usable tools possible for growers.

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