Master your grow room

The smart grow room monitor.

Monitor your grow rooms with the Grow Sensor. Access grow room data anywhere, anytime.

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    Perfect your grow room environment.

    • Reduce costs & save electricity.
    • Grow the best product possible.

    Monitor your grow rooms, anywhere.

    • Free, easy to use, Apple & Android app.
    • Built for pro growers.

    Stay safe, keep informed.

    • Real time SMS and push notifications.
    • Your data always secure and encrypted.

    Save money

    Stop worrying and start improving.

    Grow rooms can be complicated and expensive to run. The Grow Sensor monitors your rooms 24/7, giving you the insight to act fast, reduce running costs & optimise your grow room to grow the best product.

    Reduce running costs upto

    Save stress

    Stay safe and keep informed.

    When the s*&t hits the fan. Get instant SMS and push notifications for temperature, humidity, CO2, power outages or light spikes and abnormalities. Never lose a crop again.

    Save time

    Monitor your grow rooms anywhere.

    Access your data on the go via the free Apple and Android Grow App. Add multiple growers into your account and share the responsibility.

    Save stress

    Ready to go with any Wi-Fi network.

    Compatible with all modern Wi-Fi routers. Easy setup via Bluetooth. Control up to 50 sensors at once and link multiple sensors together in larger grow rooms.

    The smart grow room monitor, built for pro growers.

    Crafted from the best components, sleek looking & built to last. With low power consumption and a long battery life, the Grow Sensor supplies super high accuracy sensors for reliable and stable data collection.

    The Grow Sensor grow room monitor

    Top FEATURES (tbc)

    Grow Sensor features.

    The smart grow room monitor.

    Feature rich yet easy to use, with automatic settings for ideal environments for vegetative growth and fruiting as a start point for beginners.

    CO2 sensor

    The highest resolution sensor available today.

    Humidity sensor

    Monitor humidity of your grow rooms live.


    Monitor room grow temperatures live.

    Light sensor

    Measure PPFD/PAR & analyse your light spectrum.

    Measure VPD

    Stay in that VPD sweet spot, grow the best product.

    Link up sensors the same grow room for a detailed picture of your space.

    Long battery life

    Lithium iron batteries that last for 1 year+.


    2,4Ghz with a 100m+ range.

    Water resistant

    And specifically designed for indoor use.

    Offline data

    Your data is safe if your internet connection fails.

    High accuracy

    Highly accurate, responsive sensors with adjustable defaults.

    Easy setup

    Setup Grow Sensor on your network in just 2 minutes.

    The Grow App. Access your grow rooms anywhere, anytime.

    Optimise your grow room using CO2, VPD and light intensity data. Identify problem areas and fix them fast with AI feedback. Save electricity and grow the best product.

    The Grow App - iPhone

    Top FEATURES (tbc)

    Grow App features.

    Available for Apple and Android. 

All the features you need to get the most out of your grow space and stay on top of any problems. Access your grow rooms anywhere, anytime.

    Realtime data

    Monitor your grow room data in realtime.

    Custom alerts

    Get custom SMS and push notifications.

    Encrypted data

    Always keeping your data secure and safe.

    Apple & Android

    Download free from the App & Play store.

    AI feedback

    Helping you reduce running costs.

    Heat maps

    Uncover problem areas in your grow room, fast!

    Multiple users

    Add multiple users to your account.


    Get key stats from your personal dashboard 24/7.

    Great support

    Is top priority, we're always here for you.

    Road map

    Get new features & updates every month.

    Dew point

    No moisture problems ever again.

    Public API

    Develop your own solutions.

    The Grow Sensor grow room monitor

    Simple pricing

    The Grow Sensor.

    £399 / $499 (TBC)

    Everything you need to optimise and monitor your grow room.

    Estimated launch end of 2021.




    Get these great features for free in the Grow App when you buy the Grow Sensor.

    • Access to all sensor data
    • CO2, temperature & humidity
    • PPFD Light intensity
    • Colour spectrum analysis
    • VPD (vapour pressure deficit)
    • Dew point (reduce moisture)
    • Custom alerts
    • Real time data
    • Easy setup
    • Power outage alerts
    • Temperature alerts
    • Easy to use dashboard
    • Robust security



    Monthly (per user)

    Get everything in basic Grow App plus these advanced features when you go pro.

    • Link up sensors in the same room
    • Grow room heat maps
    • AI feedback
    • SMS alerts
    • Offline data
    • Dedicated support
    • Archival data
    • Advanced reporting
    • Developer API
    • Early access to new features
    • Be involved with our road map
    • Desktop dashboard

    Get help (Help Center)


    Is your sensor actually accurate?

    Is your sensor actually accurate?The short answer is it has to be or we won’t launch the product. Over the last year, the price of sensors has reduced and the tech advanced dramatically, but this doesn’t mean all the sensors you can buy today are accurate. Testing is key and currently, we are testing a large range of sensors thoroughly for a range of situations and uses.Do accurate sensor components exist now? Yup! But some are more expensive than others. Our approach is to focus on the sensors that work so you can rely on the data, always. Data first features second. Aside from the sensors, we are working extensively on creating a passively aerated case that allows for consistent and instant air movement for fast and accurate feedback from the immediate environment. Additionally, we will be sending the units for strict independent testing to confirm the above. We will make all test results public. Our team consists of professionals and perfectionists. If it isn’t reliable, it’s not for sale.We are not here to release another cheap, inaccurate iOT sensor, that promises the world but just gathers inaccurate data that can't be trusted or acted upon.If you have any specific questions reach out to us at

    What's in the box?

    You'll get the Grow Sensor, a USB charging cable and our quick connect operating manual. (All neatly packaged in a discreet box made from recycled cardboard to reduce our carbon footprint.)

    Where is the Grow Sensor made?

    We are still in the process of finalising manufacturers, but we plan for the Grow Sensor to be made in the UK.

    Will you ship outside Europe?

    Yup! The Grow Sensor will ship worldwide (subject to local/import taxes.)  We are already in discussions with distributors in Europe and the US.

    When will the Grow Sensor be available?

    We hope to ship our first Grow Sensors in the second third of 2021. Click any button on the site to join the waiting list and get notified of exciting developments!)

    Does the Grow Sensor have a warranty?

    Yup the Grow Sensor has a best in class 18 months warranty covering any manufacturing defects and/or hardware failures. What's not covered under warranty: accidental damage or unauthorised modifications.

    Does the Grow Sensor have a guarantee?

    Yup, it sure does! If you're not 100% happy with your Grow Sensor you can return it to us within 60 days for a full refund (excluding shipping costs.) Just make sure to send it back in it's original packaging with proof of purchase.

    How safe is my data?

    The safety of your data is our top priority. All information is encrypted with bank level security ensuring anonymity. We believe privacy rights matter and that will never change.

    Will you have an API?

    Yup, growers with the pro account can access our API and integrate the Grow Sensor with other equipment.

    What are you working on next?

    Alongside continuous ongoing improvements to the Grow App software, next up on the roadmap is a wireless soil probe that will measure EC, temperature and humidity.

    Is Grow Sensor suitable for mushroom cultivation?

    Yes it is! Our software and CO2 sensor are designed for mushroom cultivation. Growers will be able to analyse CO2 readings in grow rooms helping them to fine tune growing conditions and reduce the use of air extraction and therefore heating and humidifiers. We are big fans of growing mushrooms!

    How do I connect my sensor to my network?

    It only takes a minute to link the Grow Sensor to your network. Download the Grow App and turn on your sensor. Then click connect to sensor in the Grow App. The app will use your phone's Bluetooth to connect to the sensor, which in turn connects the device to the cloud via 2.4ghz Wi-Fi. Pretty much that simple.

    Are you a new company?

    New product, yes. New company, yes, but we’re not a new team. We've been in the tech industry for 20+ years and the electrical industry for 40+. We are a team of 5 who have a proven track record making digital and physical products. We are in this for the long run.

    Can I test The Grow Sensor for free?

    You certainly can if you plan to review the Grow Sensor. Drop us an email to and we will hook you up with a device to review.

    Can I preorder the Grow Sensor?

    If you're interested in pre-ordering now, drop us an email to: We will also add a pre-order service to our online shop in the coming weeks so check back in the future.

    Great support always

    Great support from real people.

    Great support makes a good product, fantastic! Reach out to us and talk to one of the team directly. We are here to help, always!


    We believe that our products can contribute to a better world.

    With indoor growing increasing in popularity and the resurgence of growing your own food and vegetables moving into limelight, we are looking to create products that make indoor growing more efficient and sustainable to minimise environmental harm.

    The smart grow room monitor and accompanying app displayed on an iPhone

    Master your grow room

    The smart grow room monitor.

    Monitor your grow rooms with the Grow Sensor. Access grow room data anywhere, anytime. 

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